Marc’s Message Has Reached Nearly 1 Million People Internationally


What’s the difference between the most successful company and the rest of the pack? Is it a matter of marketing or closing techniques? Is it determined in the quality of their product? The most successful companies and individuals understand it’s much deeper than that: what pushes someone to the top is exactly the same, in nature, to what holds other people back - it lies in our beliefs.

Our beliefs play a crucial role in everything we do: they determine what we deem possible or impossible, and even what we’re able to perceive. But in this case, knowing or understanding this simply isn’t enough. To truly transform ourselves to reach beyond our current level of success, we must transcend the beliefs that keep us there.

Through his life example, Marc Elliot makes such a transformation possible for all people: At age nine he developed a neurological disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, that manifested with physical and vocal outbursts called “tics.” Imagine experiencing more than 3,500 tics a day over the course of 20 years. Imagine facing the hardship and segregation, and knowing the condition was incurable.

Even as a young adult, Marc was determined to “make lemonade” from his Tourette’s. He became an inspirational speaker, delivering a message of compassion and tolerance to audiences across the United States and internationally. He was named 2011 College Speaker of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine, and is the author of What Makes You Tic? It is estimated that his message has reached nearly one million people.

Most remarkably, Marc completely overcame the disorder in 2013 and now lives tic-free. He used a mind-over-body approach from the human potential company Executive Success Programs. In his powerful speech, “Discover the Unimaginable,” Marc tells his story of overcoming Tourette’s, sharing his first-hand experience of breaking limiting beliefs and achieving the impossible. If you’d like Marc to speak at your company or want more information, please complete the form on the contact page.



Marc's powerful presentation brings to light what truly holds companies back!

  • Inspire your workforce
  • Understand the power of beliefs
  • Gain insights for unbeatable advantages
  • Rethink your sales strategy