So much more than a mustache

I can't believe it's been 10 years, but I joined the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon in 2005.  Once I became a brother some fraternity brothers started to grow their mustaches out in something in honor of something called Movember.   My good friend David Kurland sported that stache like I've never seen a stache before - -he basically looked like Mario in Mario Brothers. 

What I vaguely remember was they grew their mustaches out to bring awareness about prostate cancer.  Every year I was always reminded of Movemeber as more and more men grew their beards out. 

Funny enough, ten years later I had the chance to speak to the staff at the headquarters of Movember.  I learned Movember is more than just about growing funny mustaches - - it's about raising awareness for something that effects millions of men around the world.  Although I don't plan on growing my stache any time soon, I'm definitely grateful for the experience and a big thank you to my good friend Andrew Pollard for connecting me with me.