I'm back......

When I retired "What Makes You Tic?" 3 years ago, I had this feeling that I go back out in the world to share a new message but I never exactly what it would be.   Part of me wanted to never talk about Tourettes again while another part of me knew that what had happened to me was  an unprecedented story that could inspire and spark millions to want to grow more.  

In December of 2015, marked the true beginning of my tour back out in the world. Instead of a high school auditoriums and college forums, I'm making my way into the conference board room.  Many people ask, "You were so amazing with high school students. You've affected so many people."  Although that might be true, I've come to realize and appreciate my time and how I can affect people.  If I'm honest with self, students are not the change makers of the world.  Adults, although maybe not acting like them, make the decisions of the world.  If I have the ability to affect a CEO principles or parents, someone at the top, then I have the possibility of affecting whole generations. 

This December marked that turn as my good friend and roommate in NYC brought me out to Deloitte consulting. The event was put on by a bunch of different groups that made it possible for me to come.  What an incredible way to launch my new presentation Discover the Unimaginable to the corporate world. Thanks so much to everyone that came out!!