Looking for Individuals with Severe Tourettes Syndrome 18 years or older!

Hello fellow TS’er! As you may have heard or read on my site, I've had profound shifts in my Tourettes over the last 3 years.

I lived with Tourettes (TS) for about 20 years of my life and ended up creating a whole career based on my experience with it. I became an inspirational speaker sharing my story and message with my presentation “What Makes You Tic?”  I was named 2011 College Speaker and Diversity of the Year by Campus activities, spoken in over 40 states, internationally,  and my message has reached almost a million people.  I state all is to reiterate how TS has dominated every aspect of my life for over two decades. 

The good news is that if you met me right now, you wouldn’t know for a second that I ever lived with TS.    Two years ago I met a fellow speaker who introduced me to some human potential courses, Excecutive Success Programs.   I ended up taking the courses with the hopes to simply grow as a person and become a more successful speaker to learn more about the human psychodynamic.  The course has literally nothing to do with TS or medical conditions for that matter.  However, as I took more courses my “itch” continued to go down and down.  I ended up taking a few more higher level courses 3 summer and walked out with my TS down about 90%. As I continued to do more work over the past  two years, I’m now at the point where I literally have to show a video at the beginning of my speeches to illustrate to my audiences what my life used to be like.

I’m sharing this news with you because a grant has been established for other people with TS to take this course to see if what happened to me can be replicated.  If it can, future medical studies will be conducted to illustrate that there might be other optoins for people with TS to overcome his/her TS. 

If you are over the age of 18 and have severe Tourettes, I'd love to chat with you.  If you’re interested or have questions please get in touch with me via email, marc@marcelliot.com

If you’re not interested, I totally understand and I wish you well on your journey.  If you know anyone else that fits this description that's look for ways  to help his/her tics I'd be grateful if you could pass along this message along.


   Marc Elliot