Retiring my presentation "What Makes You Tic?" and my old websites!

Many people don't know but the name of my first presentation that I took on the road  was entitled, "Don't Judge a Book by Its Noises!"  It was a play both on my vocal tics and intestinal issues. That didn't last long as I quickly picked up and trade marked the phrase "What Makes You Tic?"  I felt this phrase captured the essence of my presentation:  How little do we know about what's going on in people's lives.  Of course, it also was a play on the word tic.  A wonderful woman named Stacey Bird helped me developed that logo.  

Over the past 6 six years I continued to use that phrase as I traveled the nation speaking on tolerance and compassion.  As I now embark on a new chapter to reach leaders and individuals who are looking to break though limitations, it's bitter sweet to retire "What Makes You Tic?" officially.  With that presentation I made it to 45 states, international audiences and had the pleasure of meeting tens of thousands of people around the world.   Although I no longer will share that presentation, my message of compassion and tolerance is one that I think about on a daily basis.  Live and Let Live!