Coming FULL Circle 4 Years Later

One of my most memorable engagements happened to be my second engagement over the many years, which occured at Suffield Academy.   With only a few engagements under my belt, I finished my speech and before I knew I it had a standing ovation of 500 high school students.  I remember sitting in my rental car calling my friend Andy Locke, saying something along the lines, "I can't believe, what's happening."   I never could have imagined then was ensued over the next years and when Charlie Cahn asked me to come back because everyone that had heard me in the chapel had graudated I couldn't have been more honored.  What's so neat is that at each event very similar photos were taken and the image above juxtaposes those two presentations four years apart.   I'm grateful for everyone that helped over these past four as I travled the nation to share a simple message of tolerance.