So much more than a mustache

I can't believe it's been 10 years, but I joined the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon in 2005.  Once I became a brother some fraternity brothers started to grow their mustaches out in something in honor of something called Movember.   My good friend David Kurland sported that stache like I've never seen a stache before - -he basically looked like Mario in Mario Brothers. 

What I vaguely remember was they grew their mustaches out to bring awareness about prostate cancer.  Every year I was always reminded of Movemeber as more and more men grew their beards out. 

Funny enough, ten years later I had the chance to speak to the staff at the headquarters of Movember.  I learned Movember is more than just about growing funny mustaches - - it's about raising awareness for something that effects millions of men around the world.  Although I don't plan on growing my stache any time soon, I'm definitely grateful for the experience and a big thank you to my good friend Andrew Pollard for connecting me with me. 


My new promo video to come...

It's been six years since I produced a promotional video so the time has finally come.  Six years later after overcoming Tourettes syndrome, retiring "What Makes You Tic?",  becoming an Executive Coach in Executive Success Programs (ESP) and now producing my new presentation, "Discover the Unimaginable" I'm proud to finally put a new promo video out.  Be on the look out around the beginning of May!  


A big thank you to the following videographers for their help in this production: 

Alessandro Molatore, Adrian Fernandez, Dan Bratman, Lei Deng, Raja Samaroo, & Tony Barsanti.  I'm also excited to be working with my friend Kayla Grosse who is putting the whole video together!

Stay Tuned!

I'm back......

When I retired "What Makes You Tic?" 3 years ago, I had this feeling that I go back out in the world to share a new message but I never exactly what it would be.   Part of me wanted to never talk about Tourettes again while another part of me knew that what had happened to me was  an unprecedented story that could inspire and spark millions to want to grow more.  

In December of 2015, marked the true beginning of my tour back out in the world. Instead of a high school auditoriums and college forums, I'm making my way into the conference board room.  Many people ask, "You were so amazing with high school students. You've affected so many people."  Although that might be true, I've come to realize and appreciate my time and how I can affect people.  If I'm honest with self, students are not the change makers of the world.  Adults, although maybe not acting like them, make the decisions of the world.  If I have the ability to affect a CEO principles or parents, someone at the top, then I have the possibility of affecting whole generations. 

This December marked that turn as my good friend and roommate in NYC brought me out to Deloitte consulting. The event was put on by a bunch of different groups that made it possible for me to come.  What an incredible way to launch my new presentation Discover the Unimaginable to the corporate world. Thanks so much to everyone that came out!!

The Iron Cowboy, A true Inspiration and Hero

James Lawrence, aka Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence, aka Iron Cowboy

If you don't know who James Lawrence is he might just become your new hero. It saddens me he's not an international sensation and the fact he isn't is indicative of our current collective values.

If you haven't heard of James he completed a feat that's beyond unimaginable.  In 2012, he got himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for completing 30 full Ironman triathlons in a single year. An Ironman consists of a 2.4mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride  and ending with a full marathon, which is 26.2 miles. Completing one in of itself is a huge accomplishment as some individuals train for half a year to complete one.  He did 30. 

If that's hard enough to understand, this past summer James put himself in the record book that makes his 2012 accomplishments look small.  His achievement is a quintessential human potential story as he pushed the mind/body connection to limits where it seems no human has gone before.   He completed what he called the 50/50/50.  That's 50 Ironmans, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days.   I'll write that once more.  50 Ironmans, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days.   

The neatest part of watching the interviews with James is how down to earth he seems and that he wanted to inspire and motivate people in the world to get off their ass. He was raising money to bring awareness around the epidemic of childhood obesity.

I want to thank James for being an inspiration to me.  I hope that world will continue to know your story as we could use more heroes like you in the world.   

Check out his story here:

Retiring my presentation "What Makes You Tic?" and my old websites!

Many people don't know but the name of my first presentation that I took on the road  was entitled, "Don't Judge a Book by Its Noises!"  It was a play both on my vocal tics and intestinal issues. That didn't last long as I quickly picked up and trade marked the phrase "What Makes You Tic?"  I felt this phrase captured the essence of my presentation:  How little do we know about what's going on in people's lives.  Of course, it also was a play on the word tic.  A wonderful woman named Stacey Bird helped me developed that logo.  

Over the past 6 six years I continued to use that phrase as I traveled the nation speaking on tolerance and compassion.  As I now embark on a new chapter to reach leaders and individuals who are looking to break though limitations, it's bitter sweet to retire "What Makes You Tic?" officially.  With that presentation I made it to 45 states, international audiences and had the pleasure of meeting tens of thousands of people around the world.   Although I no longer will share that presentation, my message of compassion and tolerance is one that I think about on a daily basis.  Live and Let Live! 

Looking for Individuals with Severe Tourettes Syndrome 18 years or older!

Hello fellow TS’er! As you may have heard or read on my site, I've had profound shifts in my Tourettes over the last 3 years.

I lived with Tourettes (TS) for about 20 years of my life and ended up creating a whole career based on my experience with it. I became an inspirational speaker sharing my story and message with my presentation “What Makes You Tic?”  I was named 2011 College Speaker and Diversity of the Year by Campus activities, spoken in over 40 states, internationally,  and my message has reached almost a million people.  I state all is to reiterate how TS has dominated every aspect of my life for over two decades. 

The good news is that if you met me right now, you wouldn’t know for a second that I ever lived with TS.    Two years ago I met a fellow speaker who introduced me to some human potential courses, Excecutive Success Programs.   I ended up taking the courses with the hopes to simply grow as a person and become a more successful speaker to learn more about the human psychodynamic.  The course has literally nothing to do with TS or medical conditions for that matter.  However, as I took more courses my “itch” continued to go down and down.  I ended up taking a few more higher level courses 3 summer and walked out with my TS down about 90%. As I continued to do more work over the past  two years, I’m now at the point where I literally have to show a video at the beginning of my speeches to illustrate to my audiences what my life used to be like.

I’m sharing this news with you because a grant has been established for other people with TS to take this course to see if what happened to me can be replicated.  If it can, future medical studies will be conducted to illustrate that there might be other optoins for people with TS to overcome his/her TS. 

If you are over the age of 18 and have severe Tourettes, I'd love to chat with you.  If you’re interested or have questions please get in touch with me via email,

If you’re not interested, I totally understand and I wish you well on your journey.  If you know anyone else that fits this description that's look for ways  to help his/her tics I'd be grateful if you could pass along this message along.


   Marc Elliot

My Book, "What Makes You Tic"

It's been in the making for almost 2 years, and I can say finally it's DONE! 

Writing this book with the help of Johne Bowe has been an enormous undertaking and one that I will never forget.  John help bring my story to life in a way that I never could have alone.  Thank you so much John for helping me bring my story to the world. 

There are so many other people that contributed to many aspects of the book but here are few I would like to thank personally:  My family, Bill Clegg, Lisa Bachman, Ross Lipstein, Greg Lipstein, Mike Gorodinsky, Fran Stewart, and Andrea Levy. 

If you would like to buy a copy of my book, you can get it on here on Amazon

Coming FULL Circle 4 Years Later

One of my most memorable engagements happened to be my second engagement over the many years, which occured at Suffield Academy.   With only a few engagements under my belt, I finished my speech and before I knew I it had a standing ovation of 500 high school students.  I remember sitting in my rental car calling my friend Andy Locke, saying something along the lines, "I can't believe, what's happening."   I never could have imagined then was ensued over the next years and when Charlie Cahn asked me to come back because everyone that had heard me in the chapel had graudated I couldn't have been more honored.  What's so neat is that at each event very similar photos were taken and the image above juxtaposes those two presentations four years apart.   I'm grateful for everyone that helped over these past four as I travled the nation to share a simple message of tolerance.   

It’s official…2011 College Speaker & Diversity Artist of the Year

I can’t believe it!!  Campus Activities Magazine named me 2011 College Speaker & Diversity Artist of the Year.  Three years ago I  had a little idea and three years later I’m named college speaker of the year.  Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me!  A humongous thank you to David Coleman for believing in me and all the support from Brooke Sines.  I’ve had literally an army of people help me get to where I am today and am beyond grateful for all of the support I’ve received.  Live and Let Live Baby!